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Crystal Meth Addiction and Getting Help

Crystal Meth Addiction and Getting Help Crystal Methamphetamine also known as “Crystal Meth” is an illegal and extremely addictive substance that affects our central nervous …

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Meth Addiction + How Crystal Recovery Works

Meth Addiction + How Crystal Recovery Works How an Epidemic Makes Millions Suffer in Sickness This is a love story really between a person and …

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How Orange Is the New Black Got Mackenzie Phillips to Tap into Her Past

The onetime One Day at a Time star, who spent years struggling with substances, had plenty to draw on when playing Barb—an addict serving a life sentence. by …

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urine test

5 Things that Cost Less than Urine Drug Screening

In the past few years, Urine Testing has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry and labs and clinicians are making a killing. Some practitioners make …

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why debate naloxone

Why are We Still Debating about Naloxone, a Life Saving Emergency Drug?

Naloxone is a medication used by emergency responders to miraculously reverse the effects of a lethal opioid overdose, yet, some people are opposed to community …

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Most addictive substances

What are the Most Addictive Substances out There? The Answer Might Surprise You

People can become addicted to pretty much anything, depending on their unique conditions and personality. Food, shopping, drugs… There are so many different addictive things …

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sex addiction and drug addiction

Why Sex Addiction and Drug Addiction are Kind of the Same Thing

Sex: it’s a beautiful, rewarding, and healthy part of the human experience. It brings couples together, improves our general wellbeing, and it’s one simple way …

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breathe life healing center

The Vicious Cycle of Addiction

“If it’s so bad for them, why don’t they just stop?” Any reader who’s battled addiction before is rolling their eyes after reading that question.1) …

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drug addiction

How to Avoid Drug Addiction

If you have been researching this topic, you are likely concerned about developing a substance abuse problem, or you are worried about a current problem …

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prescription drugs

Heroin: The Drug of Nice Suburban Areas

When people think of heroin, they think inner city, urban, low-income culture. According to CBS News, a new study shows that abuse of heroin is …

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