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Breathe’s New Office Location on Melrose

Recovery Professional?

Recovery is something you have to work on every single day, and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off.

As many of our clients know, the team at Breathe Life Healing Centers is constantly working to improve our facilities and standards of care. Perhaps the latest example of this change has been the location of our offices. Now on Melrose, we are better equipped to serve our clients the best we can, as well as better deal with health and safety protocols.

Built almost entirely from scratch, the 3rd floor is unrecognizable from what it was only a few months ago. What once was an empty space, is now open and bright, allowing for a seamless flow of energy from one room to the next. The move began at the end of August, when the admissions, HR and marketing team packed up their equipment and transferred it to their new offices. The clinical team was the next to head over and welcome clients into the new community rooms.

Our new location now features a much larger reception area that allows for seamless check-ins. The new client lounge provides clients with couches and a space to relax. Right down the hall is the kitchen, a considerable upgrade when it comes to leg room. All this culminates into a space that is bigger, more accessible, and more accommodating for our clients.

West Hollywood Campus

Breathe West Hollywood is situated in a beautiful, secluded retreat tucked away in the heart of Laurel Canyon. Breathe’s 22 acre center includes three modern, luxury homes, lots of outdoor space with beautiful views and natural wildlife. There are an abundance of outdoor features including a spacious community dining room, amphitheater, pool and biodynamic gardens.

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