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Breathe Life Healing Centers Welcomes Transgender People

Recovery Professional?

Recovery is something you have to work on every single day, and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off.

Here at Breathe Life Healing Centers, we strive to create a compassionate, inclusive place of healing where clients can work through their mental health and substance use issues. No two clients are the same, which is why treatment is always tailored to the individual. We go beyond the issues and truly get to know each person, including their gender identity.

Gender awareness is important to us because gender identity is a big part of who our clients are. Our staff realizes that there’s more to gender we pride ourselves in holding our clients in a space that’s beyond the binary. Many of our staff members are part of the LGBTQIA+ community and can offer a unique sense of support. This is one of the many reasons why many gender-nonconforming individuals seek treatment at Breathe Life Healing Centers.

It is our mission to not just help trans clients work through their substance use and mental health issues, but also create a world that is safer and better for these individuals. We intend to be part of the solution and offer care specific to their needs.

Safe, Inclusive Addiction Recovery Services

Breathe Life Healing Centers in Los Angeles treats substance use disorders, mental health disorders, trauma-related disorders, and eating disorders.

As a lesbian and gay-owned and operated treatment center, we have a deep understanding of the problems trans clients face. But even without this foundation, we still expect all clients and staff members to be supportive and compassionate to one another. Things like gender identification are not choices, and no one should be made to feel guilty or ashamed.

We don’t get to choose our gender identity or sexual orientation, just like we don’t get to choose our eye color or which hand is dominant. We can’t help how we feel on the inside, how we identify, or who we are attracted to. It just is. And this is why we expect everyone at our treatment center to play a role in creating a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place for everyone.

Our Approach to Working with Gender Nonconforming Clients 

When welcoming clients into our treatment center, we put all biases aside. Instead, we ask questions. Some clients are still questioning or exploring their gender identity that’s okay, too. This is a safe space to explore gender identity issues, as there is no judgment.

Family therapy is another important part of our treatment services. Research shows that when transgender individuals are loved and supported by their families, they are able to thrive. Without support, transgender people are more likely to suffer from depression, substance use, and suicidal behaviors.

Caring, Compassionate Substance Use Treatment for Transgender People 

Breathe Life Healing Centers is a place of patience, understanding, and compassion. We provide gender-affirmation care to those in need. We encourage each and every client of ours to come together to support one another in this beautiful human experience.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use, mental health, and gender identity issues, please contact us. We have tailored treatment plans for anyone who is looking to get better while adjusting to a ‘new’ life of promise, purpose, and fulfillment.

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