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Alcohol is the most widely abused substance worldwide. In the United States, more than 14 million adults struggle with alcohol abuse. However, only about 10 percent of the people with alcohol use disorder seek treatment. Alcohol is widely abused across all age groups because of its availability, acceptance in society, and status as a legal beverage. As such, many underestimate alcohol’s potential for dependence, making individuals who drink less cautious. In the end, they indulge frequently and consume excessively, which contributes to addiction.

At Breathe Life Healing Centers, we’re a leading facility for alcohol rehab in Los Angeles. We’ve designed our premier Los Angeles CA addiction recovery services to help our clients quit alcohol for good and lead sober, healthy, fulfilling lives.

First-Timer’s Guide to Alcohol Rehab in LA with Us

Many people fail to seek drug and alcohol treatment in Los Angeles, California because they don’t think they have a problem. At Breathe Life Healing Centers, our specialists will help you determine whether you need addiction treatment or not. After a comprehensive evaluation and accurate diagnosis that concludes you have an alcohol use disorder, our team will come up with a highly individualized treatment plan that suits your unique needs.

If your alcohol addiction is severe or you’ve been drinking for an extended period, we’ll begin with medical detoxification. Detox rids your body of alcohol and its toxins, allowing you to go through Los Angeles addiction recovery without experiencing cravings and other uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Our Alcohol Rehab Services

During alcohol rehab at our facility, you’ll be under the care of the best Los Angeles addiction treatment providers. Our experts will offer you therapy and counseling as part of your treatment. We combine individual, group, and behavioral therapies for the best outcomes.

Individual Therapy

When it comes to individual therapy, you’ll have one-on-one sessions with your therapist to discuss issues fueling your drinking habit. After identifying the underlying causes of your alcohol abuse, you’ll be equipped with tools to deal with various challenges and stressors without resorting to alcohol.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, you’ll participate in meetings with peers facing similar issues to yours and led by one or more therapists. Group therapy provides an avenue for learning from both professionals and other group members about healthy ways to manage daily life struggles without taking alcohol. Here, you’ll get a chance to learn from others’ experiences and also get support and motivation from people who understand your struggles.

Behavioral Therapies

Our team will help you deal with destructive behaviors and treat mental health issues that exacerbate alcohol abuse through behavioral and trauma-focused therapies. In your therapy sessions, you’ll understand the responses and experiences that encourage your drinking problem and how to avoid them or heal from them.

Alcohol Rehab with a Difference

There are many alcohol recovery homes in LA County, but ours is among the top-rated facilities. At our alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, we provide second to none care and treatment with the aim of helping you attain long-term sobriety. We’ll approach your case uniquely, applying solutions that address your addiction and the root cause of your disorder. Contact us today to speak with an addiction specialist to get help or verify your insurance. Verify insurance now:

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