7 Signs of Depression to Look For

Signs of depression

Depression affects more than just the individual who has it; it affects the whole family as well. If you think someone in your family is depressed, you shouldn’t ignore that hunch. Because the sooner your loved one gets treated, the greater chances they have of recovering. Being aware of the signs of depression can help you […]

The 7 Things You Need to Know about Depression


What do you know about Depression? It’s one of the most common mental illnesses out there, but many of us don’t know all that much about it. Although common, it is still very serious. Which is why we should take the time to get to know this disease and the way it impacts our lives. […]

Dual Diagnosis: What is the Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Mental Illness?

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What is a dual diagnosis? This is when someone is diagnosed with a mental health disorder while also dealing with an addiction or substance abuse problem. We often recognize depression or anxiety as illnesses, thus a diagnosis. However, struggles with drugs or alcohol count as a diagnosis as well: substance abuse disorder. This is because […]

Guns and Mental Illness: A Deadly Combination

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by Brad Lamm, CIP While the debate on gun control is a slippery slope, a major component in many recent shootings is the effect of mental illness when untreated or undiagnosed. Leaving out the issue of who should have access to guns, mental illness is a glaring issue in today’s society, and is not something […]