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Sober Recovery at Breathe Life

Sober Recovery at Breathe Life Healing Centers

Breathe’s world-class treatment team and community support commitment help clients rebuild life and get better. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to answer question and help you get the help you need; call (800) 929-5904 now.

Someone who is struggling with addiction, eating disorders, and/or the effects of trauma is likely to have experienced a variety of different mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences that have deeply impacted who they used to be (and even who they want to be in the future).

Signature Services

Detox at Breathe’s
Experience Recovery

Experience Recovery is located in Orange County, California. We have two locations. Our first location is in Santa Ana and specializes in detoxification and residential drug treatment. Our day treatment (PHP Program) and our IOP (Intensive Out-Patient) program is located in Westminster, California.

Complex Trauma Treatment

Breathe’s founding Executive Clinical Director, Kathleen Murphy is one of the nation’s foremost trauma therapists, and our treatment of trauma survivors is in our DNA. The word trauma is overused and little understood by the world at large. What we know about complex trauma has grown incredibly in the past decade, even as the treatment of trauma survivors has been slow to catch up.

Crystal Clear™ ChemSex Program

Crank, Tweak, Crystal, Glass — all slang names for meth, which is a substance standing in the shadows of the opioid epidemic.

As all eyes are focused on the millions of people addicted to opioids like heroin and prescription painkillers, people from all over the country are cooking up crystal meth and distributing it to those addicted to this killer drug.

Virtual IOP Program

Breathe Life Healing Center’s powerful care that clients have come to know and trust is now available virtually. Three hours a day, five days a week, in the V-IOP, Breathe empowers individuals to feel and think differently.

BreakFree Journey

Brad Lamm returned from a personal sojourn through Peru’s Sacred Valley with a lot on his mind – namely the personal transformation that had occurred in his life. With a lightweight backpack, he ventured into and through some of the richest spiritual spots on Earth; from the Sacred Valley to Peru’s Amazon jungle. He dug deep into trauma healing, personal recovery, and expanded his definition of recovery to make incredible breakthroughs happen.


Breathe Life Healing Center’s CARE Unit is California’s leading destination for adults seeking collaborative + comprehensive consultation, assessment, and treatment. An 18-day program that offers 24/7 awake staff provides care, safety, stability and clinical guidance. In addition to a thorough evaluation and clinical assessment, CARE Unit delivers appropriate individualized one-on-one and group interaction with a dedicated treatment team. We offer education, hands-on nutrition, medication/s management, and other emotional support practices.

Sober Recovery at Breathe Life Healing Centers

We focus on trauma and recovering from the depths of despair that alcohol and addiction can cause to an individual and their family. Breathe offers evidence-based clinical solutions and a welcome place for spiritual awakenings to reduce suffering and help clients recover dignity.