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I’m Out of Rehab: Now What?

Recovery Professional?

Recovery is something you have to work on every single day, and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off.

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Brad Lamm, CIPsober man hiking


Who would disagree that life after rehab is the spot where the rubber meets the road? After rehab, back home or in sober living is where things suddenly get much, much more real. It’s why aftercare is mucho-critical to the challenge of living outside treatment, where many newly recovering will succumb to relapse.

Stats show that those who regularly attend aftercare, therapy and peer-to-peer (12-step and other meetings) are significantly less likely to return to former self-harming behaviors.

Getting loaded can be useful so the alternative (remaining clean) must be more attractive.

At Breathe Life Healing Center, our alumni program, BreatheOUT, is a vibrant alumni network of recovering human beings who have built a community around their collective recovery. With an assortment of weekly support groups, outpatient programming, and a sober living, those who recover see rates rise when they grab onto these things like flotation devices.

“Why do you go to so many meetings!?” a newly sober friend asked me last Tuesday. Twelve years clean and sober, I still seek support from peer to peer meetings. I want to be reminded that what I left behind is best left there, and be of service helping newcomers to the sober club.

Look, miracles happen with work and thought; actions and outcomes. Sometimes miracles happen out of the sky, but normally the ones I witness are the result of the previous. Care, connectedness, and quality clinical matter.

One BreatheOUT alum shares, “I’ve been to many rehabs before but I’ve never seen this level of connectedness and accountability. A strong support network makes it easier to do the right thing and is crucial in helping me stay sober. That’s what I was missing before.”

Interrupting addictive behavior with treatment is the easy part for many – it’s the staying stopped in a new of living that is tough. With quality aftercare and case management, we increase the odds for success; we make miracles happen in our midst.


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