Testimonial: Robby M

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Take everything one day at a time. And on the harder days, reach out to a loved one for a hand to hold. On the easier days, reach out your hand to someone who needs it.

My wife Caroline finished the program with Breathe West Hollywood just after they had opened I think, and we had a strong experience there so thank you so much to you all. Breathe Life worked with her insurance nicely and helped do all the paperwork to be on leave from work. Caroline and her mom and me participate in the five day family program which was super meaningful to each of us in quite different ways. She would have liked more coffee I know, but other than that, we had a strong family experience. I say this seriously, I hope we never have to do it again! Though if she had a relapse we would call you back in a moment. She still participates with the alumni programs so thanks a lot for that too. We got our family back.

Robby M

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