Testimonial: KELLY

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Take everything one day at a time. And on the harder days, reach out to a loved one for a hand to hold. On the easier days, reach out your hand to someone who needs it.

I’m going on 6 months of sobriety after leaving Breathe for treatment of anorexia and alcohol abuse. It may not sound like much to you but for this alcoholic it’s a miracle! After almost 10 years of trying to take my life back and failing to stay sober for even one month outside of treatment or pregnancy, the treatment, tools, people and support I received at Breathe stays with me. It has impacted me on every level. I have sought lasting sobriety in countless treatment centers, doctors, people, places and things all to no avail. This time there has been a shift. A shift that I whole heartedly feel is a result of the experiences I had while at Breathe. It’s difficult to describe in words the opportunity for sobriety that Breathe provided. I was a hopeless alcoholic battling a stout eating disorder when I entered Breathe and today… I have a new found richness in life, my higher power, and in myself! I am in acceptance. Today I AM ENOUGH!


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