Testimonial: Elissa T.

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Take everything one day at a time. And on the harder days, reach out to a loved one for a hand to hold. On the easier days, reach out your hand to someone who needs it.

Breathe Life Healing Center gave my family hope and helped us sleep better at night knowing our daughter was safe. My husband and I had many fears about how things would change once our daughter was out of treatment. We had so many unanswered questions. Do we remove all of the alcohol from our home? Do we set a curfew? Do we help our daughter financially? What do we do if our daughter gets upset or angry? All of these questions were answered with Breathe. During her 90-day stay at Breathe, our daughter received exactly what she needed in terms of coping skills. My husband and I no longer felt responsible for teaching these things to her. Breathe’s Family Program services and ongoing family support helped our family better communicate with each other and develop a family plan which made our daughter’s return home seamless. Today, our daughter is a different person. My family and I do not walk on eggshells. We have a broad and realistic outlook on recovery and the anxiety has been removed.  Two weeks ago, our daughter enrolled in Fall Classes and things are going well.

Elissa T.

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