Rawland Glass, LCSW, MSW

Rawland “Rawly” Glass, LCSW, MSW has been a clinician and social worker for the past 30 years, including 14 years in private practice and as a presenter of inner healing workshops. He has a broad experience base including managing addiction treatment contracts for the state of Idaho; serving as executive director of a non-profit that provided transitional housing; working with various vulnerable populations in adult and child protection; managing group homes for at-risk children; and most recently Chief Clinical Officer of The Bridge To Recovery based in Bowling Green KY.

Being a workshop facilitator has been a constant in his career. Workshops for clients on the underlying dynamics of addiction, recovery, and healthy relationships has been a theme for many years. Rawly also focuses on addressing trauma using Brainspotting, a practice that identifies and processes neurophysiological sources of emotional pain, trauma, and dissociation. In 2013 Rawly acknowledged his life work of encouraging and supporting people seeking healing and an authentic connection with themselves, their Higher Power, and others by launching his own business. Intra-Connected offers short, powerful workshops for individuals and families working through addiction and trauma by creating healthier relationships.

Well-organized and a strong problem-solver, Rawly is an asset to any team, providing guidance and gentle coaching to build trust and confidence in his group sessions and workshops. He is open-minded and easy to communicate with, immediately putting his audience at ease with his powerful, calm demeanor. Rawly is naturally positioned to work well with any population, allowing everyone to settle in to a trusting and safe conversation; he helps people explore and identify the work that needs to be done to live the lives they dream to live.

Rawly holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Pacific Union College and a Master of Social Work degree from Walla Walla University, with a dual emphasis in Clinical Work with Children & Families and Addiction Treatment. He is licensed in Oregon and California as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). He was the recipient of the Addiction Professional 2012 Outstanding Clinician Award.

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