Cindy Ker, CADC I

Cindy Ker joined Breathe Healing Life Center as a primary counselor in our residential treatment center. She received her education from UCLA and is certified by the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals. Cindy comes from a background of working in intensive out-patient treatment and has an understanding of the importance of treating the individual patient, as well as the need to address co-occurring disorders. Her ability to work with clients requiring a higher level of care and with clients ready to take their next steps in incorporating their recovery into daily living has been a great benefit to clients at Breathe.

Cindy is able to identify with clients suffering from addiction and provides compassion, inspiration, structure, and tools to those in need of recovery. She believes the key to self-esteem, happiness, and positive experiences in life are due to finding sobriety, addressing trauma through re-parenting in recovery, and above all having adequate support launching from treatment care.

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