Preparing for the Holidays When You’re in Recovery for Substance Use

Preparing for the Holidays When You're in Recovery for Substance Use

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and the most stressful, too! Even though the holidays are meant to be joyful, they can cause a great deal of stress. Perhaps you’ve already been kept awake at night wondering how you’re going to afford gifts this year. Or maybe the thought of spending multiple […]

Tips for Coping with an Eating Disorder During the Holidays

Tips for Coping with an Eating Disorder During the Holidays

If there’s one thing that’s collective across most holidays, it’s the food! People tend to eat bigger portions and higher calorie foods over the holidays, which can lead to the all-too-common holiday weight gain. But for someone who is in recovery for an eating disorder, the holidays may look very different. Staying on track with […]

ADHD Awareness Month: What are the Risks of Untreated ADHD in Adults?

What are the Risks of Untreated ADHD in Adults

National ADHD Awareness Month is celebrated every October, with events and activities happening all over the country. You may have even noticed the color orange in more places, as this is the color of ADHD awareness. The purpose of this month is to raise awareness of ADHD and the treatment options that are available. Even […]

October is Depression Screening Month: How Screenings Benefit the Public

Benefits of Depression Screening

The month of October is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month – a time to raise awareness of mental illness and the importance of health screenings. There is a growing need for accessible and affordable mental health screenings. Not everyone experiences depression in the same way, but it can affect anyone at any time. Screening tools […]

Fighting Depression in the Summer: You are Not Alone

Fighting Depression in the Summer You are Not Alone

No other season gets as much positive press as summer. School’s out, the weather is warm and people plan fun vacations and outings. For those who struggle with winter-related depression, the longer days and boost in Vitamin D are certainly welcome. But what does it mean if the summer doesn’t give you the excitement that […]

4 Ways to Heal From Psychological Trauma

4 Ways to Heal From Psychological Trauma

When bad things happen, it can take a while to heal from the pain. But this doesn’t mean that you have to sit and wait to feel better. There are things you can do to speed up the healing process and help yourself feel safe again. Some people are able to do this on their […]

Breathe Life Healing Centers Welcomes Transgender People

Here at Breathe Life Healing Centers, we strive to create a compassionate, inclusive place of healing where clients can work through their mental health and substance use issues. No two clients are the same, which is why treatment is always tailored to the individual. We go beyond the issues and truly get to know each […]

Why is Depression on the Rise?

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on people’s lives, particularly in terms of mental health. A recent study from Boston University found that depression rates tripled over the first year of the pandemic. Pre-pandemic, roughly 8 percent of U.S. adults suffered from depression. But between March and April of 2020, this number jumped to 28 percent. […]

Living with Someone Who Has OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can make it difficult to maintain healthy, happy and secure relationships. This mental health disorder manifests as obsessive tendencies, recurring thoughts and the desire to perform various rituals for no clear reason. If the person is unable to do these things, they become anxious and upset. Because these obsessive tendencies invade every […]